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HH celebrates the hard work of its volunteers

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

April is National Volunteer Month and Harvison House held an appreciation event to thank the dedicated volunteers for their service during the past year and acknowledge some exceptional volunteers for their work from the founding of the organization.

Harvison House started in a 2-car garage, then added rented storage units, and today has our own warehouse to serve Veterans. None of this could have been done without help from you. ~Adam Harvison, founder, to his volunteers

The founding Board of Directors who served Harvison House for a two-year term were honored with a beautifully framed Certificate of Service. Those honored are:

Maurice Cloutier, founding member

Misty Rodriguez, founding member

Albert Thombes, founding member

James Ferrenburgh, founding member

R. Anthony Torrez, founding member and officer

Vanita Harvison, founding member and officer

Board Members who joined the mission in the second year were also honored. Those are:

Joaquin Rios, member and founding volunteer

Connie Chiang, member

Adam Harvison and Joaquin Rios
Board Members Adam Harvison and Joaquin Rios
Many of us weren't born in Las Vegas, but it's our city now. We have set a standard for the community. We step up. ~Adam Harvison

A special "50 Hours" award was given to those who have reached the milestone of giving at least 50 hours of their time doing the physical work of picking up, delivering or cleaning/repairing furniture. Those who received this honor are:

Andrew Ramos

Angie Yenchek

R. Anthony Torrez

Joaquin Rios

Luke Belisle

Maurice Cloutier

Michael Thomas

Ricardo Villalta

Rodrick Yenchek

A special Top Supporter award was announced for John and Deborah Harvison for their financial contributions to Harvison House. John and Deborah are Adam's parents and live in Pittsburgh, PA, but have been the top financial donors to the Las Vegas-area veterans the organization serves.

Certificates of Appreciation were also given to newer volunteers who have yet to reach 50 hours, but have been answering the recent calls to action. Many of these volunteers are active-duty military or first responders who choose to, on their free time, continue to give to their community and nation.

You [the volunteers] have seen the impact of your work. You have seen a veteran sleeping on 3 pillows; that's all he had. In 18 minutes, you have furnished his whole property. ~Adam Harvison

Adam concluded the event by acknowledging the volunteers' families and significant others and giving a brief on the organization's goals for the remaining of the year.

For more information on Harvison House, contact Vanita Harvison at

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