The last 18 months have proven that the veterans' need for services is great. We have felt this in our capacity to respond to donors, especially those with larger donations of furniture and equipment.



Our very first major solicitation has come after more than a year and a half of doing the hard work serving veterans. This has given us a real-world understanding of the tools and resources we will need to be successful in serving our community’s heroes.

We currently have one pickup truck* and regularly rent box trucks for the larger donations and multi-site deliveries. A box truck of our own would allow us to:

  • serve more veterans quicker and with the capacity to make a bigger impact at each new home

  • be more responsive to our donors who have several rooms of furniture to donate

  • streamline the pick-up of donations from smaller but numerous donors without having to unload

  • reduce the drain on our volunteers who load/unload multiple times due to capacity restrictions

  • redirect the funds used on rentals to better support the mission


Calls from case managers on behalf of their veterans and calls from generous donors wanting to schedule pickups of items have grown exponentially since our founding. We must begin to reach out for sponsorships in order to continue our mission.

Do you or your company have a new or used box truck that you can give to serve the mission? We are happy to discuss the benefits of your sponsoring Harvison House! A great tax deduction, your company logo on the truck, other great stuff?! Please call 702-481-7782 or email


*The Harvison family purchased a 2018 Chevy pickup for the organization's use. They also purchased the 3,000 sf warehouse we use for storage, repairs/maintenance, and office/volunteer space. Even with the occasional volunteer truck, funds to rent a truck, and/or making multiple trips, we estimate that we have been picking up only about 60% of the furniture and equipment our donors want to give. A box truck would instantly change that. 

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