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Our name and beginnings


Our founder, Adam Harvison, knew growing up that he wanted to be a soldier. He joined the Army right out of high school and retired in 2013. Adam has always been a group organizer - the one that gets everyone together - but while he served, he also became an educator to the soldiers he led and an advocate for all service members who may not be aware of all the benefits due them.

During the time he was stationed at Fort Stewart in Georgia, Adam and his wife regularly hosted at their home what he called ’packet parties’ where he helped soldiers prepare for their transition into civilian life. These were often scheduled during football games or UFC matches where Adam would BBQ and in between tending the fire, counsel soldiers on how to apply for their earned benefits. Adam’s parties quickly became popular and on any given Friday, the answer to “what are you doing this weekend” became “I’m going to Harvison’s house”. This phrase was lovingly shortened to “Harvison house” where it was understood that going to watch the game and eating great food also meant attending a lecture on the importance and intricacies of military paperwork.

The legend of ‘Harvison house’ continued after Adam left the military where he is a vocal advocate for veterans and encourages anyone he comes across to contact him for help getting their claims started. While working in civilian positions where he helped guide homeless veterans to social services, Adam discovered the needs for which Harvison House works to fill. The name honors its organic beginnings during active duty and serves as a reminder for all the organization wishes to achieve today and in the future.

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