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Harvison House's "Big Mission" was a BIG success

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

In cooperation with the local Veterans Administration (VA), Harvison House and its team of 16 volunteers, 2 dedicated VA staff, 7 personal pickup trucks and 1 rented box truck helped 38 veterans in the Las Vegas area sleep more comfortably.

Adam Harvison rallying the troops!
Adam Harvison rallying the troops!

Harvison House was granted a unique opportunity to step up for our community's most-in-need Veterans. What our founder, Adam Harvison, dubbed "The Big Mission", volunteers picked up and delivered 38 new, VA-provided beds and box springs to veterans on 1 Saturday morning.

Using their personal trucks, volunteers met at a VA warehouse and loaded up the beds and box springs and delivered them to their assigned Veteran's properties. Adam was overwhelmed by the support.

It is amazing that all these wonderful people donated not only their time, but the use of their vehicles and gasoline, to help Veterans. To see their trucks lined up and ready to load and deliver this morning makes me so proud of our community. ~Adam Harvison

With trucks fully loaded, the volunteers headed out to the 38 different properties and were received by Veterans appreciative of their efforts.

Pictured: Rod Yenchek (advocate), Neal, Frederick Johnson (US Army veteran), Angel Noto, Daniel Creighton (US Marine Corp veteran), Maurice Cloutier (board member), Michael Thomas (US Army veteran), Ricardo Villalta (advocate), Andrew Ramos (US Army veteran)

Adam articulated his heartfelt appreciation for the volunteers; recognizing their hard work which is both physically and mentally demanding.

Everybody here can see how much we impact the community. Like when you go into a property and see that a Veteran has been sleeping on the floor or they are sitting in an empty property for a couple of weeks. We are giving people a second chance for a better life. I greatly appreciate everything. ~Adam Harvison
VA rock stars, Jodi and Roderick!

Harvison House would also like express our most sincere gratitude for the VA representatives who went the extra mile for their veterans this weekend: Jodi Henderson, case manager, and Roderick, an Air Force veteran and warehouse manager.

We would like you to know that we are here when you call and thank you for your dedication to your veterans. We look forward to helping you serve.

For more about Harvison House, contact Vanita Harvison at

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