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"We are bringing the community together for veterans through the power of donation. I really believe that."

~ Founder, Adam Harvison



Army Veteran

"This is an OUTSTANDING resource! Harvison House donated me a new bed and other items on the weekend I moved into my new flat. THANK YOU!!"


"I was overjoyed to see the pictures of the furniture I donated in a veteran's new home! It's such a wonderful thing you guys are doing.

Thank you!"


"I swore an oath to never leave my brothers or sisters behind. I'm retired from service, but still believe it's my duty. I am grateful to volunteer for Harvison House."


"We heard about how Harvison House helps our veterans and knew we had to help! We can't move furniture, but we can send financial support so they can keep going!" 

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Harvison House, Inc.

PO Box 753332, Las Vegas, NV 89136

501(c)3 public charity.

State of Nevada charitable entity.